Home Door Installation

Enhance your home from the inside out with a comprehensive collection of interior doors. Our doors are designed to give a coordinated look to your vision. As life goes through your home, you need the right doors to be part of it. Our interior panel and bifold doors are created with the same level of care and craftsmanship that goes into every door. The inside of your home has to feel just right, and we’ll help you create that special atmosphere.

Choosing the right door for your home can be very involved. Every factor of your home can influence your decision, such as hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets or even staircases. We understand this and are proud to offer a wide range of different wood species and door designs that are in stock and ready for delivery.

Stock Interior Doors:

  • Fir Doors
  • White Pine Doors
  • Pine Doors
  • Oak Doors
  • Knotty Alder Doors
  • Flush Doors & Bifold
  • …. And Many More

Insurance Claim Work:

We work with insurance companies on many claims. We have the knowledge, education and experience to work with your adjuster in handling your claim. We will strive to make this process work for you, not the insurance company. We will get you every dollar possible. In most cases we can complete your repairs with NO money out of your pocket.



Home Door Replacement

Door technology has evolved with window technology, making similar improvements. Thermal performance had long been unexamined because it was of little significance relative to the entire house envelope. Solid wood panel doors, although opaque, typically have an R-value equal to an insulated window, but appearance, durability, and infiltration remain the driving forces in selection. The technology of repairing existing doors has not evolved dramatically. A wood door is repaired as per traditional wood-working methods. Doors of materials such as steel and fiber glass can be repaired with proven methods practiced by other industries such as auto and marine repair.

The most cost effective means of repair is often the replacement of damaged components. The difficulty of modifying doors favors replacement with a pre-hung unit. The benefits of a new or replacement unit include lower maintenance and durability. New materials and assemblies also provide the opportunity to increase comfort and security. A restored conventional solid wood panel door will not add comfort because of its poor thermal performance, and the panels may easily be breached to gain access.



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