Kitchen Remodelers

Remodeling your kitchen can be a daunting project. Whether you want to tear everything down to the drywall and start over new or just update your countertops and backsplash give us a call. A member of our staff will visit your home to discuss your project and most often times are able to provide you with a quote the very same day.

Our company realizes that all kitchen remodeling projects are much more than the materials that are used in the project. Not every kitchen needs a full remodel some homes will benefit from what we call “repurposing,” which is a way of redesigning the existing space and utilizing the maximum available resources already at hand. There are infinite ways to bring freshness and vibrancy to a project.

Perhaps a new countertop and backsplash, or new cabinet hardware and lighting would have large visual impact in the space. By choosing a repurposing option, savvy homeowners can achieve a modern kitchen more economically than through traditional remodeling.


  • Full Kitchen Renovation
  • Kitchen Repurposing
  • Cabinet Resurfacing
  • Cabinet Painting
  • Kitchen flooring
  • Kitchen countertops

Insurance Claim Work:

We work with insurance companies on many claims. We have the knowledge, education and experience to work with your adjuster in handling your claim. We will strive to make this process work for you, not the insurance company. We will get you every dollar possible. In most cases we can complete your repairs with NO money out of your pocket.


Kitchen Renovations

Sure, you can visualize your next kitchen. But have you really thought about what will go into it? With a little imagination and a lot of thinking you can create a kitchen that’s easy to love. And easier to live in.

Can’t wait to renovate your kitchen? Planning is the one thing you won’t want to rush. We suggest keeping a journal to record how your kitchen is used over a period of several weeks. Is a shortage of space forcing you to get creative with food storage? Once you realize what your needs are, you’ll be able to think of creative ways to satisfy them. Of course, while understanding your needs is important, there may be some things you just want. Some you may already know about, others may not be as obvious. That’s why looking through magazines, watching home design shows and talking with friends about their remodels are all good starting points.


Don’t want your kitchen to turn out half baked? Follow these tips to ensure your renovation goes as smoothly as possible.

Have you thought about everything?

You would be amazed at what people forget once the process gets going. Before you sign off on a design plan and we order your materials, step back and take a moment to review everything. Is there a certain time you need your kitchen by? Depending on the size and scope of your remodel, it could take weeks or months to complete. Think about this as you decide when to start your project. If you always host a large holiday party, plan well in advance of this.

Are you truly ready to begin?

Before your renovation can start, we need to confirm that all the materials we have ordered have arrived. Doing so will help us notice missing items or if the wrong thing was shipped.

Do you have a contingency plan?

It sounds silly, but a lot of people don’t plan where they’re going to eat while their new kitchen is being installed. We recommend setting up a temporary kitchen in your dining room. Having a microwave, toaster oven and other small appliances around will help get you through the transition.


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